This Won't Save The World

by Take-Off

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Once in a generation, a modest, unheralded album comes along that speaks from the heart to the deep concerns we all share about life. The music within provides a beacon, a guide, a call-to-arms for all who listen. Approaching music like this with an open heart and mind makes the world seem more miraculous, and all but the most casual listener cannot fail to be moved, changed or filled with a new determination to live life with a heightened consciousness.

This is not that album.

This is an album of 7.

From our hearts to yours.

This Won't Save the World.




released April 1, 2017

Recorded at Typhoon Studios.
Engineered and Mixed by Phoon Zi Xiang.
Produced by Phoon Zi Xiang and Take-Off.
Additional acknowledgment to Sean Sundaran.
Mastered by Troy Glessner, Spectre Studios, Washington, U.S.
All songs written by Take-Off, except (2), (3), (4), (5) written by
Take-Off and Vagisa Rama.
All songs performed by Take-Off.
Additional vocals on (3) by Khairil Muhammad.
Artwork and Cover by Zachary Desker.



all rights reserved


Take-Off Singapore

There once was a tale from Uranus

When told was totally contagious

Three aliens missing from the pages

They play punk rock - it's completely outrageous!

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Track Name: Damaged On The Inside
Damaged on the Inside
I can't love another

She said you gotta keep on trying
Easy target, Complicated
Neglected, I'm undetected
Repetition, Gimme something new

I was raised on a steady diet
Preparation for a rejection
And now I'm in denial
Don't know what the hell I'm here for

She comes just a little closer
Oh boy my heart begins to race
Don't fuck this up, just be cool
Either way, I never find a way

It's getting hard to be so inadequate
Easy target, never quite get that
And I'm still in denial
Nevermind, never wanted to be so...
Track Name: Gotta Go
Sitting all alone
Waiting by the phone
The girl that I stalk
Whilst I touch my cock
I’m a little shy
I can't deny
I’m out of luck
But I don’t give a fuck

Hey Gotta Go
Gotta Fucking Go

Feels like a dream
Never what it seems
I played my ace
By coming on her face
When I turned my back
Kicked my ball sack
What do I do?
I’m not fucking over you.
Track Name: Don't Push Me Into The Pit
They come at me screaming, shouting
Swinging fists, flying kicks
Insisting this is how it is
No remorse, I'll light a torch

You've lost the plot
You're all blind leading the blind

Am I overcompensating?
They tell me thinking's overrated
If this is moshing, I'd rather be tossing
Stay out or go in - Don't Push Me Into The Pit

Come at me with your attitude
Young guns that are half my age
Mistaking their freedom for -
This scene looks like the fucking purge

It used to be about the love and not the hate
It used to be about each other and one another
I can't believe they took our sound, but left the spirit
It's time to take this back for everyone who still believes in
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Grow Up
I don’t wanna grow up, I’ll just lie here in my bed
Another breakup song committed to my head
Existential deadlock got me questioning why I’m here
I don’t know what I want, don’t know what I need,
All I know is that I don’t know…

You pretend that you don’t care
When deep inside you do
When the anger and frustration’s overwhelming
You’re ignoring…

I act like it doesn't bother me
Cos if I do I'll bother you
I'll bother you and bother me
And we'll go bother someone new now
We're giving up and giving in

I walk these streets at night
This city’s always “in-progress”
You’ve got the rich, the very poor, the middle class squeezed in between
I’m not a beneficiary, liability personality
My heart’s a horcrux and its bleeding down my sleeve

Stop giving up and giving in
Track Name: The Innkeeper
At your service, I didn't get your name
This awkward silence punctuated by a game
Tell me of all your travels and I'll swallow you whole
Vicariously living through the thousand tales you've told
And by the fireplace the journey unfolds
Heroes and villains have their rightful place
Fortified by memory, weakened by a spell
There's magic everywhere, I've got some rooms to spare

I keep my door open at night
You never know who might come knocking
These thieves and heroines need shelter
The innkeeper runs helter skelter

Hello there, didn't see you come in
Did you walk through the front door, climb in through the wind?
My abode fills up so fast, don't know where I'm gonna begin
Shelter and comfort for the lost and the weary
The fireplace roaring, the flagons are flowing
A knife in the dark unsuspectingly brandished
Disarmed and helpless, forced to yield
Take everything you want, I've got nothing I need
Track Name: Rendezvous
Reenacting conversations in my mind
Where I make a pointed comeback
Not charming, why am I running?
I let you have your way
Get away get away
I’m all so lost in my head
I didn’t get to say

Darling we should stop pretending
Turn it up this is getting confusing
You don’t like me I don’t like you either
This rendezvous wasn’t meant for you

Thinking of clever things to say
To a condescending girl
Seems like a waste of my time now
Insulting, compensating
I let you have your say
I’m a wreck, come and wreck me now
Your voice’s in my head
Was it that you never got laid?
Track Name: Tyson
I wasn't there when they met you the first time
I wasn't there when they carried you home
But still I feel like I've loved you my whole life
And now
Now you're gone, wish that I'd gone with you

A big strong name for a big strong guy
Yet gentle, sweet and loving
One of a kind, you're always on my mind
I'll never shake this feeling

The bestest furry in the world
I hope they're taking good care of you up there
I'll sing my loudest now, I want you to know
You left some big paws to fill

I'll never get to see your face again
I'll never get to walk around with you again
I'll never get to play with you again
But you'll never be in pain again

All dogs go to heaven
They say that all dogs go to heaven

But it was heaven when you were here