This is Punk Rock. This is For You.

by Take-Off

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The title of our debut EP - This is Punk Rock, This is For You - was inspired by a graffiti-scrawled poem on the walls of 924 Gilman in Berkley,San Francisco.

Put it on. Turn it up. Play it loud. This is for you.


released September 18, 2015

Recorded at Typhoon Studios.
Engineered and mixed by Phoon Zi Xiang.
Produced by Phoon Zi Xiang and Take-Off.
Mastered by Hiroyuki Kawahara at Studio Certes, Kawasaki, Japan.
All songs written and performed by Take-Off.
Artwork designed by Felix.
Cover photo taken by Madd.Maxx.



all rights reserved


Take-Off Singapore

There once was a tale from Uranus

When told was totally contagious

Three aliens missing from the pages

They play punk rock - it's completely outrageous!

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Track Name: Queen Astray
I’d go through hell for her but her heart’s cold and I’m wondering whether
She’s with that dickhead now but I still picture us together
I am torn up inside, She’s cool she’s hot, She’s the head Jailor.
She’s got her escape planned, She took it then
Im stuck here asking

When did she how did she go?
How could she when could she
This just fucking blows

I tell myself I’m fine, I know he’s tapping her from behind
I wonder if she tells him that she loves him like she loved me
I touch myself at night and tell myself that I’d be alright
But still I miss her so and now it’s time to let this go
Track Name: Stupid Things
Hey you, I would like to be there when you find this
I know now, I did some stupid things I get that
You deserve more than one foot in the door one out
I never get laid, always played, turn away, Hate this Game

This move is temporary
You are so ordinary
I feel it momentary
Not my vocabulary

Press Your Body Up, Press Your Body Up
Next to mine, Nails Down my back, it sends shivers up my spine
I can’t deny you make it hard to leave this dormant
And when I try, all I’m facing is your torment

A thousand questions
Lose the tension
Track Name: Sex Face
I wanna see your sex face sex face
Do you know your sex face sex face?
Is it the same sex face sex that you used to have with me, with him?
I don’t care for your sex face sex face
Never liked your sex face sex face
Is it the same sex face sex that you had with everyone, anyone, but me?

I’m all given up, I’m up and whining
Leash on me it turns and twining
They look at her and drop they’re drooling
I didn’t get none I’m still stuck schooling
Track Name: Fine
She stole my heart with her perfect laughter
But this ain’t no happily ever after
She walks by and I’m still hopin’
That she turns around and says she’s been mistaken
I asked you if it’s over, but now you avoid me like I’m a stranger
I see you, and my heart beats faster, but the way things ended was such a disaster

I’m outta mind Im outta sight I’m not that blind
Suck in your pride youre not the only one that I’ve got in mind
Don’t talk to me smth I didn’t do It’s not gonna work I’m done with you
I’m outta mind I’m outta sight and I feel fine

And way back when she turned and smiled at me
But now it’s like I don’t exist, a passerby
I’m passing by - oblivious to you
Waiting for me to apologise
Oh no I’m through with you
Track Name: Why
Use me/Re-use me
Come on now can’t you tell I’m wide open
Seduce me/reduce me
Don’t be shy, I’m used to being broken

And they said get over
When she said it’s over
I’m not done She’s won
A shotgun, back at square one

Abuse me/produce me
I’m becoming just what I hate
Induce me/excuse me
You’re just too little too late

Of all the things that I’d like to say to you
I’m crashing and burning I hope you’re watching it too
And enjoying. Your schadenfreude’s sated
Fuck me, I hate being jaded
Of all the things that I’d like to say to you
I’m not telling
Track Name: The Salesman Cometh
I’m not a Marxist
A neo-narcissist
In a system where capital is king
And democracy is the queen he guillotined
Because she could not bear him a son
And it’s plain to see
My freedom it isn’t free

I am free swallow me
I’ll buy you if you’ll buy me
This freedom is boredom
I’ll buy you if you’ll buy me

I’m an exhibitionist
Fuck the Fundamentalist
In a system where money walks and talks
And the truth is put on trial and silenced
I stand and watch cos if I break from these chains I am alone.
What a price to pay, But I’ll live another day